“I have been using GeoSuite Calc as my primary geodetic conversion tool for several years now and am impressed with its functionality, accuracy and reliablity. I particularly like the fact that this software is fully compliant with EPSG nomenclature, terminology and codes. One great advantage over competitive packages comes from having the GeoSuite Calc coupled to GeoSuite DB in its current fashion. This allows me to change EPSG database versions at a moment's notice. 

The support and customer service from Geomatic Solutions is also second to none!”

Jim Cain
Founder & CEO
Cain and Barnes

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Supports 16 transformation methods
GeoSuite Calc supports 16 different transformation methods including Bursa Wolf, NADCON, NTv2 and many more.

Provides 30 different map projections
GeoSuite Calc incorporates 30 different map projection algorithms including Transverse Mercator, Lambert Conic (1 & 2 SP) and Albers Equal Area.

Geodetic Parameter Database Manager
GeoSuite DB is a parameter database manager that provides both graphical and manual search facilities to access information from the the underlying EPSG geodetic parameter database (version 7.9).

Value for money
At only $150 per licence this fully featured geodetic calculator and parameter database manager is excellent value. Buy the software today and you will receive a 25% discount, meaning you will only pay $112.5.

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